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Monday, April 20, 2009

SharePoint: Enable Stack Trace for better Logging Information

SharePoint (WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007) errors sometimes are not descriptive enough or through the generic error message "Unexpected Error occurred".
It doesn't provide more information than this and it does not even log any thing to LOGS or event log or anywhere.
These type of errors could be caused by missing contentplaceholders in your custom master page or any other reason.

To get better information than the "unexpected error" you can turn on stack trace in the web.config of the corresponding web application.

1. For CallStack, change false to true as shown below:
<_safemode maxcontrols="200" callstack="true" directfiledependencies="10" totalfiledependencies="50" allowpageleveltrace="false">

2. turn off custom errors
<_customerrors mode="Off">
Hope this helps anybody trying to debug SharePoint errors.

1 comment:

sagar said...

hello help me.
i will try add left navigation in Central administration in WSS 3.0.below application management, i have use quick lunch it's done but i will add this link programatic plz tell me how can i do?
i m wating ur postive responce

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